Who's Involved

Three groups have been working together to develop the proposals for an Indigenous Voice.

Senior Advisory Group

The Senior Advisory Group is guiding the Indigenous Voice co-design process, working closely with the two co-design groups, and advising the Australian Government through the Minister for Indigenous Australians, the Hon Ken Wyatt AM, MP.

Local & Regional Co-design Group

The Local & Regional Co-design Group have developed a proposed framework for Local and Regional Voices to help communities and all governments work better together. They looked at how Indigenous Australians can have more say in local and regional decision-making, in partnership with governments. They looked at what is already in place and working well in local communities and how this can be built on and enhanced.

National Co-design Group

The National Co-design Group have developed a proposal for a National Voice to the Australian Parliament and Government, this included what type of structure, membership and functions it could have and how it would work.


The three groups are supported by the Senior Officials Group, made up of officials from state, territory and federal governments and the Australian Local Government Association, to provide input from each of their jurisdictions.