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Number Date Participant Submission
6 Anonymous
7 Anonymous View Attachment
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10 Anonymous
11 Anonymous
13 Anonymous
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16 Anonymous
17 Anonymous
18 Anonymous
19 From the Heart View Attachment
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24 Anonymous
25 Anonymous
26 Anonymous
27 Anonymous
28 Anonymous
29 Anonymous
30 Harry Hobbs View Attachment
31 Anonymous
32 Anonymous
33 Anonymous
34 Anonymous
35 Anonymous
36 Anonymous
37 Uphold & Recognise View Attachment
38 Public lawyers View Attachment
39 Anonymous
40 Anonymous
41 Anonymous
42 Anonymous View Attachment
43 Anonymous
45 Carolyn Barnett
47 Danielle and Peter Wilson
48 Sharon Brogan
49 Anonymous
50 Anonymous
51 Jenny Smith
52 Ian Macindoe PhD View Attachment
53 Abby Pillay
54 Julie Ann Foreman
55 Robert Heron
56 Anonymous
57 Maria Josephina Visschedijk View Attachment
58 Anonymous
59 Anonymous View Attachment
60 Rosemary Griffith
61 Anonymous
62 Karen Newkirk
63 Anonymous
64 Steven Charles Wickenden View Attachment
65 Jim and Tui Beggs
66 Anthony McDonald
67 Kevin Barry
68 Frederick Copperwaite View Attachment
69 Elaine Oberg
70 Anonymous View Attachment
71 Michael Mcdowell
72 Ann-Marie Everitt
73 Anonymous
74 Anonymous
75 Nikki Woolley
76 Alex Nagle
77 Anonymous
78 Janeen Barker View Attachment
79 Rita Schade View Attachment
80 Danae
81 Robyn Swanson
82 Shane O'Neil View Attachment
83 Anonymous
84 Carmel Moore
85 Joanna Gerangue
86 Geoff George View Attachment
87 Lois Denham
88 Anonymous
89 Christine Petersen View Attachment
90 Jacqui Grace
91 Anonymous View Attachment
92 Anonymous View Attachment
93 Rosemary Cantwell
94 Paul Cantwell
96 John Gain
97 Anthony Adams
98 Nelson Muhirwa
99 Umberto Francioni
100 Frank Maguire
101 Anonymous
103 Rosemary Levy View Attachment
104 Margaret Hinchey
105 Southeast Queensland group, Institute of Sisters of Mercy of Australia and Papua New Guinea View Attachment
106 Anonymous
107 Darcy Driscoll
109 Terry Farrell View Attachment
110 Alex Hawthorne
111 Róisín Pengelly
112 Anonymous
113 Anonymous View Attachment