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Goodes O'Loughlin Foundation (GO)
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Main Submission Automated Transcript

Submission on the Indigenous Voice Co-Design Process

The GO Foundation has been inspired by the Uluru Statement from the Heart and echoes its calls for
a First Nations Voice to Parliament. We call on the Government to hold a referendum once the model
for the Voice has been settled and to enable legislation following the passing of the referendum,
within the next term of Parliament.
We are a proudly Indigenous-led organisation that was founded to empower young Indigenous people
through education. We are driven by our values: Integrity. Equality. Opportunity. Strength in culture.
We acknowledge the Interim Co-Design Report and the processes led by co-chairs Professor Marcia
Langton AM and Professor Tom Calma AO. Our submission is offered as part of the current public
consultation, and in support of the many voices of First Nations people throughout this process.
Now is the time for First Nations people to lead and have a voice. This is one of the most critical
decisions we will make as a nation and one that will create an important legacy for our young people
and future generations. Now is the time for our young people to see the change so they can be the
change in years to come and beyond. There are so many inspiring and brilliant Indigenous people
willing to share their voices and help create a better future. Now is the chance to make this happen.
233 years since invasion | 112 years since Protectionism | 120 year since Federation | 120 years
since White Australia Policy | 55 years since Wave Hill Walk Off | 30 years since the Royal
Commission into Aboriginal Deaths in Custody | 29 years since Mabo decision | 24 years since
Bringing Them Home Report | 4 years since Uluru Statement from the Heart | 2 days since the last
Aboriginal Death in Custody.
Thank you for considering our submission.

Yours faithfully,

Sonja Stewart - Yuin woman Charlene Davison - Biripi & Gadigal woman
Chair, GO Foundation CEO, GO Foundation

On behalf of the Go Foundation team and Board:
• Mark Heiss (Wiradjuri man), Head of Scholarships
• Ashlie Rogers (Jaru woman), Scholarships Manager
• Evelyn Bowes, Head of Finance
• Celine Bonnaire, Executive Assistant
• Michael O’Loughlin (Kaurna, Ngarrindjeri & Narungga man), Deputy Chair
• Adam Goodes (Andyamathanha & Narungga man), Non-Executive Director
• James Gallichan, Non-Executive Director
• Holly Kramer, Non-Executive Director
• Sam Mostyn, Non-Executive Director
• Nicola Wakefield Evans, Non-Executive Director
• Jason Glanville (Wiradjuri man), Non-Executive Director