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Submission Number
Qantas Group
Submission date
Main Submission Automated Transcript

This submission, in response to the Interim Voice co-design report, is made on behalf
of the Qantas Group. Our submission is offered as part of the current public consultation
process and in support of the many Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people involved
in this process.
At Qantas, we strive to reflect the spirit of Australia. dialogues on constitutional recognition at Uluru in 2017.
That spirit of Australia isn’t 200 years old. It’s over 60,000 It is a fair and practical way to deliver meaningful
years old. recognition and reform for Aboriginal and Torres Strait
Islander people.
Qantas has a long and proud history of supporting
recognition and reconciliation. We advocate for the broad participation of Aboriginal and
Torres Strait Islander voices in the final Voice design process
We acknowledge the continued systemic challenges facing
and prospective membership model. The membership
Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people. As custodians
model for the National Voice must ensure previously
of this ancient land, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander
unheard Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people
people make up 3 per cent of our population. Yet, through
have the same opportunity to be selected as established
entrenched inequality, they are disproportionately over-
leadership figures.
represented in every area of disadvantage.
Our support for recognition and reconciliation is not just
Qantas has long supported constitutional recognition for
our responsibility as a leading Australian company and the
Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders to allow continuity of
National Carrier. It is our responsibility as a group of people
Voice, and the opportunity to make real, long-term change.
who are privileged to live and work on these lands and in
We previously supported the Recognise campaign and,
these skies.
in 2017, joined other businesses in publicly supporting
the Uluru Statement from the Heart. We believe most Australians, like Qantas, will support the
Enshrined Voice — it is a pathway forward for a more unified
We acknowledge the Federal Government’s co-design
and reconciled nation. This substantive constitutional
committees and co-chairs, Professor Marcia Langton AM
recognition is an opportunity for Australia to participate in
and Professor Tom Calma AO, and the extensive work
a historic moment that will shape our nation for generations
undertaken on the co-design report.
to come.
We support the initial co-design process and now
We thank the Government for the opportunity to participate
strongly encourage the Government to honour its
in this process and look forward to an outcome that honours
election commitment to hold a referendum on
the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities and
constitutional recognition.
leaders who have worked tirelessly over many years to get
Following substantial consultation with our internal and to this point.
external Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander stakeholders,
we urge the Government to hold a referendum once a
model of the Voice has been settled. We believe it would
be preferable and an important step if constitutional
recognition could occur prior to legislating the Voice to
drive legitimacy and durability.
A First Nations Voice to Parliament enshrined in the Alan Joyce
Constitution was the majority consensus of the 12 regional Chief Executive Officer