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I think it is very important that as part of the process, the truth comes out. I was never taught in school that aborigines had their own culture and laws, recognised boundaries to their lands, and that they resisted occupation. I was just told they went away when the English settled.

Truth telling is important, as is self management and self determination. My work in aboriginal communities has taught me that they are good at setting priorities within communities, it is the European agenda to divide them and play one off against another. They have lived here 60,000 years plus and managed the environment and the land productivity well. Modern humans have only been in Europe under 30,000 years and in all the Americas for under 20,000 years.

It is important that we hear what what they have to say. There should be no laws about them, without their involvement in making them. We have ignored them and their wisdom of this land for too long. We should stop shouting and listen for a change. A Voice to parliament is a good idea and I look forward to hearing it.

A Referendum has been promised to change the Constitution of Australia and it is about time to do this. Where is the discussion on what model should be adopted ? This seems to have been stalled. Wasn't there to be legislation about the Voice to be drafted ?

When the settlers came to Australia, it was a land of about 300 aboriginal nations. They each had their own lands and objectives. We cannot assume that they are all the same now. They each have responsibility for their own lands and those who we have dispossessed of their lands have a right to a say in where the country is going.