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John Lazarus
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The Government must honour its election commitment for a referendum, and commit to Enabling Legislation post referendum, and the referendum model must include that the Voice to Parliament must be enshrined in the Constitution.
This Governments Rejection of moving to a Referendum in this term of Parliament, after First Peoples put their hand out with the Uluru Statement, is a slur on the Australian peoples character, and a dereliction of government.
Should there not be dedicated movement, and cross Party support, to bring a Referendum on the principles of the Uluru Statement, then I support Aboriginal People progressing a Treaty with the British Crown and its parliament (the actual invaders and ongoing occupation force of our present democratic parliamentary Constitutional Monarchy under the British Crown), with all Australians of immigrant background then bound by the Treaty (Britain was the invader who ignored the then legal restrictions on their illegal occupation of this land - illegal under British Royal Law, British Parliamentary Law and International Law). Should the Federal Government continue to drag its feet, and Aboriginal People then make a Treaty with the British Crown, then I support the then Aboriginal people (who are still the legal owners of all of this land) utilising the Constitutional legal Principle "of making Laws for certain races" to confiscate property and selectively send people of immigrant backgrounds back to their country of their racial heritage, as a last resort for justice. Noting that globally unaddressed issues of land ownership have resulted in civil war, and who'd deny that half a million armed Aboriginals couldnt take back their stolen country, or a large chunk of it. This Referendum proposal, based on the Uluru Statement, is a part of Australians of immigrant backgrounds standing with Aboriginal People to address Australias ongoing Human Rights Abuses. Either the government of the day gets on board, or gets out of the way while other options to address the illegal invasion and occupation are pursued.