Local and Regional Voice

The Proposal

A regional level governance structure that would:

  • be designed and led by communities
  • provide advice to all levels of government about what's important in communities and in the region
  • work in partnership with all governments to make plans on how to meet community aspirations and deliver on local priorities
  • provide local views to the National Voice where this informs national issues.

What could it look like?

There would be no single set structure for a Local and Regional Voice. Different regions could have different structures, based on what works best for their local communities.

A flexible principles-based framework would guide and support all Local and Regional Voices.

This framework responds to the diversity that exists across the country. It would also allow communities to build on existing arrangements that are already working well.

Important features

Each Local and Regional Voice could:

  • provide clear ways for local Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people, communities and organisations in the region to get involved and have their say. This includes Traditional Owners and all other residents
  • allow for local priorities to be addressed at the local level
  • have an agreed way to work together in partnership with governments (for example through regular partnership meetings).

The Interim Report proposes from 25 to 35 Local and Regional Voice regions across Australia. Feedback from consultations will help inform the advice to Government in the Final report on this number. If the Government supports this proposal, there will be more discussions with communities and all governments to help decide regional boundaries.


The fact sheets below support the Indigenous Voice resources and describe in more detail some of the key features or decision points of the proposals.

  • Fact sheet 2 – Proposed Local and Regional Voice Principles PDF and Word
  • Fact sheet 3 – Local and Regional Voice Regions PDF and Word
  • Fact sheet 4 – Minimum expectations and recognition of Local and Regional Voices PDF and Word
  • Fact sheet 5 – Implementing a Local and Regional Voice PDF and Word