Indigenous voice co-design process

Professor Dr Marcia Langton AO and Professor Tom Calma AO
News Article

Professor Dr Marcia Langton AO and Professor Tom Calma AO, co-chairs of the Senior Advisory Group leading the Indigenous voice co-design process, have outlined the importance of the process in a new video on the voice website.


Professor Tom Calma AO (TC)

We are working together to co-design an Indigenous voice, an Indigenous voice will ensure Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander voices are heard on issues that affect us in how policies and decisions are made that affect us.

Dr Marcia Langton AO (ML)

We are doing this with the officials of the National Indigenous Australians Agency and will report to the Minister, Ken Wyatt.

We know that there’s an enormous diversity in Indigenous Australia.

We must make sure that our model takes into account that enormous diversity and the very real differences between Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander groups across Australia. In fact, diversity is one of our great strengths.


From our cities to the bush, from the red centre to the salt water, from our Elders to our young ones to create a way for our mob to be empowered to have a say on our future.

We’ve brought together three groups to look at how this will work. All Australians will be invited to share their views,


So be part of the Indigenous voice, for the future of Australia, and for our future. Please find out more about this process and get involved.