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To whom it may concern,

I am a fourth generation Australian descended from Cornish migrants. I feel a strong connection to this county, it's lands and waters. I feel at home in nature and under the sun. There is something indescribably special about this place. That is me perception after only four generations here. But this country has been inhabited for tens of thousands of years prior by a people with their own effective governance, culture and spiritual beliefs, all of which predate that of my own ancestors and the entirety of western civilisation.

Who are we too impose a system of governance upon a people and expect to successfully improve outcomes and make decisions for, without consulting that body of people? How do we engage with individuals of over 500 nations? Why do we expect to be successful in attempting this?

Clearly failed policy after failed policy would indicate that we are incapable of doing this effectively. Policy that is attached to the political whims of the elected party at the time and directed out of guilt and shame at the treatment of the indigenous people since western settlement of this country.

An indigenous voice to parliament enabling indigenous Australians to form a representative body to advise and decide on issues relevant to indigenous people is a reasonable, measured, sensible and progressive approach to improving the representation, welfare and outcomes for this ancient group of people.

I support this movement and I genuinely hope to see it come to fruition. Let's give it a go.

Yours sincerely