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Wellspring Community Inc
Submission date
Main Submission Automated Transcript

26 April 2021
National Indigenous Australians Agency
Voice Secretariat
PO Box 2191
Canberra ACT 2601
Voice to Parliament Consultation
Dear Professors Langton and Calma,
Wellspring Community Inc supports the interim Report of the Co-Design process of an
Indigenous Voice to Parliament. We wish to express our support for the Uluru Statement
from the Heart. We have accepted the generous invitation of Makarrata to walk with our
Indigenous peoples in a movement of the Australian people for a better future. To this end
we have developed a partnership with the Indigenous led organisation Common Grace. We
support the claims of From the Heart (https://fromtheheart.com.au/).
Wellspring Community Inc is an Australian ecumenical Christian community committed to
social justice. We acknowledge that we live on Aboriginal land that has never been ceded
and that negotiations around a treaty have never been completed. We support the
expressed desire of First Nations Peoples for an Indigenous Voice to Parliament enshrined in
the constitution. As they point out, only structural change will address the current problems
and undo “the torment of our powerlessness.” We wish to stand beside our Indigenous
sisters and brothers in their desire for justice, self-determination, treaty, and truth telling.
As the age-old maxim says” the truth will set you free”.
As it takes the next step to establish an Indigenous Voice, we ask the Australian Government
1. Prioritise and honour calls for treaty and truth telling.
2. Honour its 2019 election commitment to a referendum, allowing the Australian
people to vote on enshrining a Voice to Parliament.
3 Ensure enabling legislation for the Indigenous Voice to Parliament is passed after a
referendum has been held in the next term of Parliament; The work being done now
must be protected for future generations and not removed at the whim of future

Wellspring Community Inc
17 Taurus Street, Inala, Queensland, 4077 Telephone 0149 501 545
wellspringcommunity.org.au ABN 81 293 869 355
4. The membership model for the National Voice must ensure previously unheard
Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people have the same chance of being selected
as established leadership figures, particularly grassroots Indigenous leaders.
5 We need one National Voice, not separated into state and territory boundaries
6 We have over 300 distinct Aboriginal nations. The number of members needs to
reflect this. The proposed number of members (currently 20 when Territory
representatives are added ) is insufficient to give true representation.”
We recognise the enormous diversity of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples and
their deep spiritual connection to the land and we believe that a Constitutional Voice to
Parliament will be all the richer for ensuring it is properly reflective of this diversity and
spirituality. We believe that enshrining an indigenous Voice to Parliament in our country’s
Constitution is a critical step towards much needed reconciliation.
Thank you for the opportunity to provide this submission to the Indigenous Voice Co-Design

Yours sincerely

The Rev'd Alexander Scutt

Wellspring Community Inc
17 Taurus Street, Inala, Queensland, 4077 Telephone 0149 501 545
wellspringcommunity.org.au ABN 81 293 869 355