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29 April 2021
Submission: The Imperative of Constitutional Enshrinement
We write as a group of educators at Sydney Law School. The Sydney Law School has provided
legal education in Australia for over 130 years. It is located on the land of the Gadigal of the
Eora Nation.
As legal educators, we research and teach how legal institutions can be shaped to support social
cohesion and deliberation for the public good.
The Uluru Statement from the Heart is a powerful act of faith in the people of Australia to
grasp an opportunity for substantive constitutional change and structural reform. After 250
years and multiple petitions from the First Nations of our Australian continent, the Statement
concludes on an invitation, to ‘walk with us in a movement of the Australian people for a better
We endorse the recommendations and reasons provided in the ‘Public Lawyers - Indigenous
Voice Submission’ (submission #38, 20 January 2021). In particular, we support the
recommendation for a constitutionally enshrined voice, meaning that the existence and core
function of the Voice should be included in the written text of the Constitution, alongside a
power to enable the Commonwealth Parliament to determine its composition, additional
functions, powers and procedures in legislation.
We believe that a constitutionally enshrined Voice is consistent with our constitutional
traditions, and a necessary response to the Uluru Statement from the Heart.
Professor Simon Bronitt, Dean and Head of School
Dr Fady Aoun
Associate Professor Elisa Arcioni
Ms Irene Baghoomians
Dr Louise Boon-Kuo
Mr Micah Burch
Adjunct Professor Joseph Campbell QC
Dr Ben Chen
Associate Professor Emily Crawford
Professor Mary Crock
Associate Professor Penelope Crossley
Associate Professor Andrew Edgar
Dr Jeff Gordon
Associate Professor Nicole Graham, Associate Dean Education
Professor David Hamer
Dr Emily Hammond
Dr Joel Harrison
Professor David Kinley, Chair of Human Rights Law
Dr Coel Kirkby
Associate Professor Ghena Krayem
Ms Patricia Lane
Professor Arlie Loughnan
Professor Murray Lee, Associate Dean Research
Professor Rosemary Lyster, Co-Director, Australian Centre for Climate and Environmental
Professor Gail Mason, Professor of Criminology
Professor Barbara McDonald
Dr Carolyn McKay, Co-Director, Sydney Institute of Criminology
Dr Tanya Mitchell
Associate Professor Jacqueline Mowbray, Associate Dean for Indigenous Strategy and
Professor Luke Nottage
Professor Simon Rice, OAM, Kim Santow Chair of Law and Social Justice
Professor Wojciech Sadurski, Challis Chair in Jurisprudence
Professor Ben Saul, Challis Chair of International Law
Dr Kym Sheehan, Co-Research Lead, Financial Services Human Rights Benchmark
Dr Natalie Silver
Mr Harrison Simons
Associate Professor Belinda Smith
Associate Professor Stacie Strong
Dr Madeline Taylor
Dr Kevin Walton, Director, Julius Stone Institute of Jurisprudence
Dr Scarlet Wilcock