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Debra Cole
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Debra Cole
Suffolk Park

To whom it may concern

Submission for Co-design process

I have lived in Byron Bay in Traditional Arakwal Bundjalung Country for thirty years.In tbis time I have worked with Indigenous groups and individuals to affirm Cultural custodianship, practices and livelyhoods in the Education and Arts sectors and also critical social services provision such as Culturally appropiate and accessible Aged care .I have done this by both volunteering and proffessionally workiing as an educator and facilitator with communities to support community development by creating oppurtunities for the public to enagge in a meaningfull way with Aboriginal Culture to enrich the general community cultually and socailly.Respectful community engaement productively empower communities to develop Cultural livelhoods and also supports social harmony and inclusion .I cuirrently work in Early Childhood and in Adult Education .I have seen how the recognition of Native Title regionally has enriched the general community and Cultural landscape in our region in social and economic terms, supporting a rich contextual educational content locally and also supporting the local tourism sector.

Why do you think the Uluru Statement from the Heart is important?
I think the Uluru Statement from the Heart is important Culturally to all Australians and must be embraced and enshrined by legislation ensuring Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Voices are heard in Parliment.I believe it is the most effective way to move toward achieving better sovial outcomes and justice for all Australians. To ignore The Uluru Statement from The Heart is not a tenable option for the broader community and I hope that The Australian Government will seize this opputuinty to move toward fairer representation for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people so that effective and postive outcomes can be realised in community to start to heal the inequity caused by dissposession of country , resources and culture.It is time for Australia to move towrad genuine healing son all can move forward together.

Why is it important for Indigenous people to have a say in the matters that affect them?
Indigenous People need to self-represnt and be heard as they understand the needs of their communities best and hearing the Indigenous voices and implementing action based on this insider knowledge will bring about the most effective social policy to effectively address the social inequity and dissadvantage that has been a historical continuum in the country Australia since Invasion and disspossession.It is well and truly time to redress the truth and ensrine a right to a truly representative voive in Parliment.To fail to implement this now while there is momentuum and widespread public support this would be a social justice travesty and a grave hyocrisy Culturally.The previous National Election was won a promise of a Referendum to bring about Constitutional amendments to Ensrine an Indigenous Representative voice to Parliment !

How could a Voice to Parliament improve the lives of your community?
A Voice to parliment if ensrined in our constituition our community I would hope to see far better outcomes in terms of social development in localised Aboriginal communities including better health, justice , education, economic and cultural outcomes .I would expect to see the wider community benifit by the continuum of development creating better and generally socially enriching partnerships economically, socially and Culturally with local Aboriginal communities, groups and individuals.

Why do you think it's important to enshrine the Voice to Parliament in the Constitution, rather than include it only in legislation?
This "Indigenous Voice to Parliment" needs to be ensrined in the Constitution and not only via legislation because it must be secured accross generations effectively to maintain momentuum in both policy and Cultural terms.This is a critical element of the profound healing needed to address the gross untenable inequity and harms embedded in the Austalian Socio-Cultural Identity.The commitment to ensrine an Indigenous Voice to Parliment will provide a secure legal safeguard to validate Indigenous representation and consequential social policy, but will also significantly support a healing of the anomalies in the Australian Cultural Identity that must be reconciled by truthtelling and deepest genuine recognition .

I hope that an ensrined voice to Parliment will be open to all members of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people and empowering for Indigenous people in our communities, and also for our shared wider community to embrace and celebrate recognition of Indigenous peoples right to self govern and participate in their own innate leadership and communitry development practices effectively. Enshrining fair representation in our shared Parliment and systems of governance.

Kind regards,
Debra Cole