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Keith Bowman
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Keith bowman
narara nsw 2250

To whom it may concern

Submission for Co-design process

I am a non indigenous white person who reads extensively and has travelled extensively both within and out side Australia. I am a trade person with an engineering certificate. Some of my reading has been anthropological books regarding various indigenous groups around Australia, also several books regarding the treatment of these people both during Colonial and recent history. The time has come to recognise the wealth of culture and experience this long lived race of peoples should be shown respect for.

Why do you think the Uluru Statement from the Heart is important?
Any Government that fails to recognise the Uluru Statement is downright stupid! This Statement is the Golden opportunity to reflect on "SORRY DAY" and cement this longest serving culture in world history along side what was produced at Federation. It is an opportunity to create a day of reflection with more importance than Australia Day, because it would be a day of Unification, a day that we say Sorry once again for the past and present wrongdoings and that we truly wish to move forward.

Why do you think it's important to enshrine the Voice to Parliament in the Constitution, rather than include it only in legislation?
Constitutional change requires a referendum where the majority of people in the majority of states agrees with the referendum. Having that change would be nice, but having a voice, preferably independent of politics, would ensure that consultation about policy is part of Government Process, it would also mean that documentation is recorded in Hansard and cannot be denied at a later date.

How could a Voice to Parliament improve the lives of your community?
As I have said above This statement could be the corner-stone of a forward movement of progress towards full assimilation for the True owners of this country, and a Voice to guide Policy would further cement positive determination of Aboriginal people by Aboriginal people. For too long somebody, whether well meaning or not, in Canberra has made decisions for a people without fully understanding the true needs and desires of the people concerned. That must change! Over the years the Commonwealth has created many initiatives, so why do we see people still living in poverty, poor housing, poor medical health, and poor education outcomes. I suggest that a large percentage of the of "aide" has gone in administration and not in real outcomes for those concerned.

Why is it important for Indigenous people to have a say in the matters that affect them?
This country was Stolen, the Children were stolen, the Language was forbidden, the Culture was forbidden, the Original inhabitants were herded into compounds and the white overseers of those compounds traded goods which were supposed to be handed out, free of charge, for sexual favours from indigenous women. We marched whole tribal groups into gorges and marshes then murdered the children, raped the women then murdered them, and shot the males. We even had the audacity to let Them fight in WW1 and WW2 but they received little recognition no repatriation or compensation, and yet these people weren't even classed as citizens of their Own country, nor were they counted in any census. These are despicable acts that have never been addressed or atoned for!

Yours sincerely,
Keith bowman