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Active Left
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Co-Design Interim Report Submission
Active Left - Adelaide SA
Active Left as a group of ALP members, Trade Unionists, community activists and ordinary
concerned Australians acknowledge that the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander tribes,
according to science, have possessed the Australian continent and its adjacent islands for
longer than 80,000 years we are committed to seeking a voice for Aboriginal and Torres
Strait people to the Australian Federal Parliament be enshrined into the Australian

We humbly submit the following

1. A Promise yet to be kept
The current Federal Government announced a budget allocation of $7.3 million for the
express purpose of collecting and considering the ‘co-design of options’ for a Voice To
Parliament we ask that this promise to consider options include all options, not merely a
form of words for an Act Of Parliament that might be repealed at the whim of future
This promise should be kept and that the question to be answered by both Houses who
were elected to Govern for all Australians be how a question might be worded to satisfy
both major political parties and from them their constituents to change the Australian
Constitution to provide a permanent Voice to the Australian parliament for First Nations
This is fair
This is meaningful
This is practical
It can be achieved, it can be achieved now and it is the duty of people of good faith to
make it happen

2. A Noble first step leads to others

We further suggest that once the form of words for a referendum question has been
decided by the current Parliament and that these words having achieved bipartisan
support and then put to a vote by the Australian people, reaching the required standard of
‘a majority of voters, in a majority of States” that enabling legislation for a Voice To
Parliament be immediately enacted during the first sitting of the newly-elected Parliament.
To do else is to ignore the wishes of the people, to delay and defer the passage of laws to
empower First Nations people to have a real and meaningful say on legislation that directly
affects them is a clear indication that the old (and continuing) relationship between
Aboriginal Australia and the Parliament is preferred by that Parliament despite the wishes
of the electorate and States.

3. A Properly constituted body, properly heard

This legislation must consider that the Voice to Parliament be comprised a truly
representative group of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders.
The Voice of those who have been previously unheard must now be listened to.
Every person who is qualified to provide advice to Parliament must have an equal
opportunity to have a seat at that table. This new body should not be populated by
established leadership figures.
4. A difficult, but not impossible task

Active Left understands that this will not be an easy task, but it is a task that needs to be
undertaken and undertaken with some urgency.
This Co-Design Process was started as a response to recommendations made by the
Joint Select Committee On Constitutional Recognition relating to Aboriginal and Torres
Strait Islander Peoples (abbrv: JSC)
This JSC in itself arose from four seperate processes
However the agreed co-design process seems to have focussed on a legislative outcome
we ask that, whilst important and a significant step forward for Aboriginal Australians it falls
short of taking heroic steps towards a Constitutional Enshrinement of a Voice To Parliament.
We ask that the co-design process be re-focussed to achieve this outcome


We humbly submit that a Voice To Parliament, enshrined in the Australian Constitution is
fair, practical, safe and meaningful in unifying all Australians.
That the time to achieve this is now we don’t want to avoid our responsibilty to settle this
important matter be handed down to subsequent generations

On Behalf of the Active Left (South Australia)