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Gerlinde Coplin
Submission date
Main Submission Automated Transcript

Today, deep in our hearts, we sense and we begin to understand the immeasurable hurt
and destruction all newcomers implanted to the First People and their land of this
Deep in our conscience a whisper sings the sad and mostly silent song of 250 years
"truth telling" - alongside the rhythms of ancient song lines connecting earth, heaven
and humans for over 60 000years.

Deep in every cell of our bodies we know that without modern technology newcomers
would be reliant on first Australians to survive in this land.
But still, despite growing awareness, we continue to destroy this land; we dig riches into
ancient soil so deep that the craters are seen from space.

A mere few ancient wisdom-rich aborigine people are left, - a few compared to the
thousands who were, - a few compared to the millions now building cities here.
Those few are the custodians of this land, the land we take for granted in our entitled
lifestyles we impose on this soil. This sovereign soil.
Deep in our primordial being we are and always will be in unrepayable debt to all first
peoples of this continent and we need to make good.

This is how and why Aborigines hold special status, status mostly unimaginable to any
of us newcomers, as we have lost most inside of what it means to live with the land and
the soil and the flowing waters, safe within the powers of nature, - in fact in Australia,
newcomers mostly feel threatened by nature.

Still, after all the destruction to indigenous women, men and children, First Australians
are open to help and teach, share how for thousands of years they kept this continent
beautifully functional and live a rich spiritual life.

It is time – newcomers' listen and learn, it is time to hear the indigenous voices, it is time
to protect those voices, it is time to pay debts.
It is now time to understand why many are lost and struggle to reverse the devastating
and often brutal power plays Aborigines were subjected to – still are subjected to.

For a fresh beginning lets step away from brainy concoctions often designed to be

We all want to breathe without shame and we want to walk tall in our country, with love
and joy making us happy inside.

I don’t want to look into eyes of old wisdom and renewed dismay and feel everlasting

I want to be joyfully proud and keep building a future for Australia by embracing and
honouring the incredible past of this continent and the people.

Lets simply hand back to first nations people what has been unlawfully taken from
them but has been and will always be their true birthright: "the power to
implement indigenous voice on sovereign soil for all women, children and men".
With great sincerity I am calling for enshrinement of the Voice in the Constitution
of Australia!

Gerlinde Coplin
City Beach
WA 6015